Entrepreneur. Celebrity Hairstylist. Scorpio. Blogger. Creator. Traveler.

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ARTA CHIC is a blog-a-zine started by the one and only Tara Copeland and Ryyan Hill.

We created this blog out of love in 2011 to establish a platform for upcoming new talent on the rise and things that I love. This is a place where you can come to be inspired by beauty, food, culture, and travel.
Here on ARTA, you will find me posting things that appeal to me.

BACKGROUND: Hairstylist and Groomer.  www.taracopeland.com. My work has been featured in many editorial spreads, television, and film.

Creative. Artistic. Sweet as hell with all types of cutting shears.

ON PAPER: Born and raised in Florida. High school graduate. College drop out. Licensed Cosmetologist. California is my home.

REAL LIFE: A Scorpio. Born hustler. I love to travel.  I love my Jeep. I Love my Cannon.  I love hard. Listen with love. Love my family to death. My Parents are my biggest fans.

I Am. We are. ARTA CHIC.
Tara Copeland/Ryyan Hill
Founder/ Co-Founder