Entrepreneur. Celebrity Hairstylist. Scorpio. Blogger. Creator. Traveler.

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ARTA CHIC is a blog-a-zine started by the one and only Tara Copeland and Ryyan Hill.

I created this blog out of love in 2011 to establish a platform for upcoming new talent on the rise and things that I love. This is a place where you can come to be inspired in beauty, food, culture and travel.
Here on ARTA you will find me posting things that appeal to me.
Like– giving you the best hair care advice, best wine, restaurants, beauty products, exotic places and street foods that I love. In the midst of all that…you might find a few amusing posts that I might talk about from time to time.

BACKGROUND: Hair stylist for Gabourey Sidibe.  Styled hair for many other celebrities… like Lisa Raye, Ivanka Trump, Ne-Yo, Spike Lee, Keyshia Cole and many more. My work has been featured in many hair magazine and giving hair advice too. Retail/Makeup Artist at Lancôme cosmetics. Can get down with all types of hair. White. Black. Asian. Mixed. Whatever…. I can do it.  Very Creative. Artistic. Sweet as hell with the cutting shears and clippers! Can blend any textures of hair and makeup. Did you know I’m able to recreate on any given Sunday or any day of the week —a style, a look you desire or want?

ON PAPER: Born and raised in G’ville, Fla. High school graduate. College drop out. Licensed Cosmetologist. California is my home.

REAL LIFE: A Scorpio. Born hustler. Raised in Florida. Live in California. Worked hard for what I accomplished.  I love to travel. Made it work for me in Hollywood. I love my Jeep. I Love my Cannon. Crazy skills in Photoshop.  I love hard. Listen with love. Love my family to death. My Parents are my biggest fans.

I Am. We are. ARTA CHIC.
Tara Copeland/Ryyan Hill
Founder/ Co-Founder