It’s For You, It’s for Me. Whoever That May Be.

Genderless fragrances started to bloom in the early ’90s, and now, here in 2020, we have seen more and more companies remove labels and let the consumers decide for themselves.

Whatever you want, whoever you are, you can smell like blooming flowers, berries, or a rainforest.

Pick your flavor.

BLEV LAVOUX natural, psychedelia-inspired fragrance collection for festival season.
TOM FORD BLACK ORCHID blend of dark florals and fruity notes, particularly black truffle
INCENSE CITY ALLSAINTS Sunset Riot, Metal Wave, and Incense City. 
PASSAGE D’ENFER Translucent lily and white musk sweeten the balsamic smoke of incense. 
LE LABO SANTAL Cardamom, iris, violet, some spicy, leathery, musky notes.