Nicole Bus Vocals Soar On KAIROS

Karios is everything! Please don’t sleep on Nicole Bus; she delivers the nostalgia, her voice is SO powerful filled with emotional ranges, and the beats are banging! She brings back the realness we have all been missing in adult R&B.



“The whole album concept… when we started it was like we should bring break beats back. We should bring sampling back. We should bring back that whole vibe and [the way] we think Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige. This whole 808s & Heartbreak…it was a whole hype, and everyone is like it’s tricky to make something that old school and is it commercially responsible? Is it wise? And we were like whatever, let’s just do it for the music because it’s me. So, we started this process flipping all of these samples. I think we almost made 30 songs in total. We’re done. It’s an artwork now.”-Nicole Bus


Nicole Bus is a Dutch singer who is currently signed to Roc Nation. Her 2018 single, “You”, is tied for the fastest debut single to reach the top of the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart. She released her American debut studio album, Kairos, in October 2019.