Upgrade Your Tips!

Deborah Lippmann is known for keeping up with trends in nail color and designs. One favorite color she’s known for is her soft neutral and beige colors backstage and on the fashion runways. Deborah and fashion designer Jason Wu collaborated to create a new neutral take on a mani shade called Grey Day.

 “To celebrate his GREY Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2018 collection, we partnered together to create a polish shade, GREY Day, inspired by his favorite color and the sister brand to his namesake label,”


“Usually I get asked [by designers], ‘Can we do a sheer pink or a version of a sheer pink?’,

but nobody wanted pink. Everyone wanted a beige, if they were doing a neutral or nude nail. This season it’s either been beige or a very strong color.”- Deborah Lippmann

“I have a lot of beiges in my brand, and this is the sheerest,” she says. “This beige has very little white in it, which keeps it from being opaque. It’s the beige I’ve always wanted to create.”