Estelle Sings Her Parents Love Story On “Lover’s Rock”

It’s been four years since Estelle has dropped new music for her fans. But now they no longer have to wait, as the English singer is back with her fifth project — one that’s deeply personal — titled, Lover’s Rock.

Blending reggae, soca, dancehall, and African music, Lover’s Rock explores the singer’s high’s and low’s in relationships by retelling the story of her parents romance as the pair “got together, had children, broke up, found each other again twenty years later, and happily married a decade after.”

“When we started working on this album, all the songs started to feel like points in their story,” 

The singer said the idea for Lover’s Rock came after she realized that she “had been holding onto…all the hurts and all the things that had come along with [the realization that] ‘I don’t know who my Dad is.’”

Estelle admitted that all of the lovers she’s chosen in some way

“resemble my stepdad. All the men I attract…resemble him in different ways. And I don’t want any of that.”

Instead, Estelle said she “wanted to honor [my parents] love story as being a true love story, as something that’s true.”



Lover’s Rock will be released on September 7.