Meet The New Star: Lakeith Stanfield

The cool California-raised native 26-year-old star of the new film Sorry to Bother You has been quite a spectacle over this past year, tweeting out his phone number, wearing over the top wigs to award shows (BET 2018). He has become a well-known character in our most beloved films like Selma, Straight Outta Compton, Short Term 12, Get Out, and Donald’s Glover’s hit TV show, Atlanta.  

Meet Lakeith Stanfield. 00-promo-lakeith-stanfield“I was much more than what was confined in my body”  

lakeith-stanfield“My interest is not necessarily in having a record of things that are unimpeachable”,


So what’s next up for this star? He’d like to play the Joker or maybe Edward Scissorhands or a Kanye West type.

source vogue.