Did You Know These Five Celebrities Suffered From Depression?!?!

We all have felt sad and felt the blues at some point in our lives but what about those blues that hit us so hard– that we don’t know what to do?

Here we have five of our favorite celebs who have dealt with this unwanted disease, known as depression. These five celebrities talk about how they dealt with that massive cloud hanging over them during a time in their lives when they thought their world was over.



In an interview with Essence, the actress described some pretty painful college days, saying that she’d eat any and everything, sometimes until she passed out. Then, she’d work out for hours, trying to keep it all a secret which she said was “painful and isolating.” She adds, “There was a lot of guilt and a lot of shame.”  Thanks to a dance teacher, she eventually started therapy and got back to a healthy place.



010718-style-golen-globes-halle-berryIn 2007, the famous actress told Parade she’d tried to commit suicide following her split from David Justice. It was thinking of her own mother that saved her.

5. Serena Williams

serena-williams_1xhnp9spzpmry1rihtf0pc4ui8Even the champ has suffered from depression, stemming from a knee injury. Patrick Mouratoglou told ESPN that while Serena was recovering, “She was depressed. The reaction was quite strong. She was really, really affected, which I think is normal when you are Serena.”

Depression Is Real. And It’s No Joke.

If you ——or a loved one is suffering from depression please seek help immediately.

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