They say to “Start with a mood,” that’s how you’re going to determine how your space will feel at home.

Victoria Hagan says ” I always look for a mood, the first question I ask a client isn’t ‘How do you want a house to look? ‘but rather, ‘How do you want the space to feel?” 

I AGREE. I have wanted our new little space to feel airy, a little artsy and cozy. Those are the things I want to feel at my home when I walk in. What about you? I love to design and create exciting new things that give me life when I walk into my home.

Victoria seems like she can give us all some inspirational mood boards based on her being an award-winning luxury designer who has been celebrated for her intelligent integration in architecture and interior design.
Victoria has launched her latest book called Dream Spaces (that will come out in October 2017) with ten new projects where beauty, fantasy, and comfort merge to create inspiration for the everyday home living.


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