Tracee Ellis Ross Mane Moves

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross talks to “US” Magazine about having the confidence to try new things.

“I wanted volume. So after my stylist Araxi Lindsey braided the cornrows, she gently pulled the top apart to add density”. -Tracee Ellis Ross
“This was the first time I wore a full bang. It felt studiously sexy and gave the illusion of a shorter cut.” -Tracee Ellis Ross
” I call this a cleaned up version of my natural curls. A 1-inch iron gave my hair a silky texture.” -Tracee Ellis Ross
“It was raining and I wanted my hair back, so we made a mohawk of buns. No styling tools were used!” -Tracee Ellis Ross
“It took five tries to the placement of the fake ponytail just right. My real hair is up in a teeny little bun.” -Tracee Ellis Ross

Source: US Magazine