Zoe Saldana Spills The Tea On Why She Cries And Her Guilty Pleasures

Zoe Saldana 38, spoke to People about the “LAST’ things she did in her life just might shock you!

By the way.. Did you know she’s a mother of a beautiful trio?! Yes, she is. Zoe is looking so fab this year, being a Mother and a returning actress as Gamora In Guardian Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

Ms. Zoe has a lot going on… Check out the last things she did …

Last Guilty Pleasure: Just yesterday I had two glasses of champagne. I’ll have indulgences because I work really hard and I have no time off. Did I mention I have three kids? [Two-year-old twins Bowie Ezio and Cy Aridio and a newborn son, Zen] So if I want something, I get it.

Last time I danced: The last time I danced was before my pregnancy. That was the last time I went to a club, and I danced like it was 1999. I’m from New York; I love any kind of house music.

Last time I cried: This morning. I cry every day; I don’t know why. If I see something, if I get goose bumps, I cry. I can’t even watch commercials anymore because I cry too much.

Last time my kids made me laugh: This morning, getting ready. They sometimes get a little too anxious and say, “No, Mommy, I’ll come with you.” And I go, “You can’t. Mommy has to go to work.” And they’ll say, “Mommy bring toys?” Basically, don’t come back without a surprise. I’m like, “You little thugs! Only 2 and you’re getting the best of me!”

Last perfect day off: Again, before I got pregnant. I love lying in bed, doing nothing and feeling no guilt. Now I take a moment to myself, even 5 minutes, and I start to feel guilty. But I hear it’s going to get better. Right, parents of older kids? It’s going to get better…right?

As told to People Magazine.