The New Bobbi Kristina Bio Pic

Are we really ready for this bio pic of Bobbi Kristina? Should we at least give it another 5 years before we go taping another yet unhealed wound from the Houston and Brown families? 

Well, TV One has a couple of things up their sleeve for this summer/fall 2017 , the new biopic of Bobbi Kristina.

Below is a look at the core cast which puts Demetria McKinney as Whitney Houston and Hassan Jonson as Bobby Brown.

The new movie stars singer Demetria McKinney as Whitney, The Wire’s Hassan Johnson as Bobby and Le’Azionna Braden along, along with Disney Channel’s Joy Rovaris, as young and adult Bobbi Kristina.

Did you know that Nick Gordon was found liable in her wrongful death lawsuit and ordered to pay $36 million to her family?