I’m Doing Chewing Gum & Learning A New Way Of Speaking

“My mums wants me to have dinner.”  “You’re definitely going to get in a rut with him babe.”  “He’s a bit dopey.” “Go on, smash it, I believe in you.”

Have you heard of Chewing Gum? Or even watched Chewing Gum? I have this seen this little pop up on Netflix quite a few times and never decided to look at it until I started hearing this buzz about it. It all first started with a client of mine ( in the salon) when I asked her has she seen anything good lately.

Her: “I’ve been watching this show called Chewing Gum.”

Me: Yeah– I saw that on Netflix a few times but never bothered to watch it.”

Her: “It’s the only thing I watch, it’s so funny. It’s a British show”.

So not only was she the first. It started to pour in from a few others as well. You know… Sometimes it goes down like that when something is so hot, you start to hear about it underground first before it becomes mainstream. So a few days later I’m at a clients house whose telling me about the show as well.

I’m like: “YEAAAAaaah. I’ve heard so many great things about that show!”

Client: “TARA  you have to watch it (giggling). It’s a British TV comedy series in London, about this 24-year -old black girl who has NEVER HAD SEX and wants to lose her virginity!”

So I gave in. That night. As soon as I wrapped up with her, I took an Uber back to my side of town (South Central) Leaving Studio City (by the way which is like an hour ride. ugh. the traffic in LA) to watch Chewing Gum. Perched up with my glass of white wine (chardonnay by the way)  and my alfredo chicken pasta dish (god knows I don’t need the extra calories but dammit I’m having it tonight) I watch the very first episode … And I’m hooked! It takes a lot for me to get into something, but this show is everything! I love hearing the way Britts talk. It’s something quite SUPERB. I’m so tickled with the slang (also loving) the usage of it in many ways. I’m sure the universe is collecting my thoughts and moves because lately I have been attracting quite a few people here from London, and it’s quite RAVISHING. lol.

For instance, My uber driver (a guy) and a carpool passenger were from London, and I mentioned I’ve loved the show “Chewing Gum” and have been learning quite a few phrases.

Lady passenger: “Oh really? *smiling* like whut?”

Me: “That’s so vex”

(laughter in the background)

Yes. I’m learning the lingo. So when I go there soon…. I’ll be ready and understand what they really are saying. They both laugh and tell me so many saying and phrases that are used differently in London. Like Attitude.

Ok…. WE ALL KNOW WHAT ATTITUDE MEANS HERE… Right? It means neck rolling, taking off earrings, eyes wide open, and checking someone real quick when you hear someone say “You have an attitude.” Yeah.. My Uber driver learned that the hard way. He used the word attitude so much when got here and was perplexed as to why people were offended and dissing him. So in London, it’s the opposite. It means that something is good. It’s a compliment. Whew! Can you imagine hearing someone telling you, you have an attitude? Here? You’ll start to feel some kinda way. LOL. So he never looked at the word Attitude the same way. Poor thing. Well, now we know how it’s used in London.

Michaela Coel. Star and creator of Chewing Gum