Best Happy Hours In LA

Have you ever got stuck trying to find the best places to go for happy hour? Or constantly looking on Yelp? Well, I’ve found myself doing that quite lately and always seem to go back to the places that I know and love because of the customer service, the best prices, and atmosphere. So here are my top 3 three locations I highly recommend to try in L.A. for a real good time with friends or even going solo because of your bound to meet some cool peeps!

First Location: Salt Creek Grill located in El Segundosalt-creek-grille-private-dining-el-segundo-4

Why: The setting is clean, casual and sexy. It’s perfect for meeting someone on a date or even gathering here with your co-workers after work or even going solo. You have several options for seating. Outside. The bar. By the fireplace or wherever you choose to sit your derriere. If you love live music, you’re in luck because every Friday night a live band performs for you and yours inside the restaurant. The choices on the menu are phenomenal for the price. Baby back ribs and fries for like $9, cocktails are great.

When: Every day from 4pm-6:30pm

Second Location: Fish Bar In Manhattan Beach fishbar

Why: It’s located by the beach and relaxed energy at the bar. Happy hour starts a few hours earlier here than most restaurants, and they have something special on the menu for each day of the week! Your bound to have a good time here with $3.00 well cocktails/wine along with some good ass fish tacos:)

When: Monday-Friday from 2pm-6pm

Third Location: Tin Roof Bistrotinroof_1

Why: Outdoor seating is beautiful! Or you can sit indoors at the bar. This place is very casual and fun with wicker chairs outdoors and benches to sit on. If you decide to order an appetizer along with your glass of wine try my favorite…the Caramelized Brussels Sprouts! They are the best! Layered in  butter, garlic, lemon, anchovies, capers and bruschetta. So delicious.

When: Monday-Fridays 4pm-7pm

BTW… If you have a spot that’s your favorite, please let me know — I’m always down to spread the love and trying something new.