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A SEAT AT THE TABLE: It represents an opportunity to be heard and to make a difference.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m a huge Solange Knowles fan, since the day she released her first C.D. And if you didn’t know– she filmed her first music video “Feeling You ft. N.O.R.E”  in Inglewood Ca, right across the street from the first salon (on La Brea/Fairview) I worked in years ago in California. This was a spot we (us stylist) would frequent every morning to get the best breakfast and coffee formally known as The Cultural Cafe.  Yup. Cultural Cafe. No Pun intended. Facts.

It was always something special about her that drew me to her —more than Beyonce (no shade), but Solange has been that same girl, (now an adult) making conscious, heartfelt and relatable music that I can rock to.

On this album, Solange has been involved on the creative/artistic side doing her dance moves and staying true to her organic style.

Please Take A Seat and enjoy the vibes of Solange Knowles.

Don’t Touch My Hair


Cranes In The Sky


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