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As gorgeous as she is generous, this year has seen model, activist and actress Gigi Lazzarato give as much of herself as possible. She’s allied with Miley Cyrus’ Happy Hippie Foundation on the #InstaPride campaign, which celebrates the lives of transgender people, and even appeared with Cyrus at this year’s Video Music Awards on MTV. She also attended this year’s Human Rights Campaign and hobnobbed with Hillary Clinton, all while still finding time to post thoughtful and fun videos to her massively popular YouTube page,which she once used to document her transition and which she still uses to spread her message of acceptance, equality and fabulousness.

Photography by: JUCO

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“All of the amazing love, support and friend- ships I have with my online community. I feel constant love and support — even at midnight on a random night I can go online read comments from people and instantly be in a good mood.” -Gigi

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“I want little cute matching jumpers for my three grandchildren puppies — little angles or mistletoe. Oh, and diamonds for me, since they are a girl’s best friend.”– Gigi


Source: Paper Magazine

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