Chic Hair / Chic Makeup / Chic Trends / Culture / fashion


Photography Direction by Benjamin Kanarek and Frederique Renaut
Styling by fashion editor Coline Peyrot
Hair styling by
Audrey Lambert
Makeup by Melanie Sergeff

Kad-Diallo-SCMP-Benjamin-Kanarek-01-620x800 Kad-Diallo-SCMP-Benjamin-Kanarek-05-620x750 Kad-Diallo-SCMP-Benjamin-Kanarek-06-620x789 Kad-Diallo-SCMP-Benjamin-Kanarek-07-620x751 Kad-Diallo-SCMP-Benjamin-Kanarek-10-620x784 Kad-Diallo-SCMP-Benjamin-Kanarek-08-620x789Kad-Diallo-SCMP-Benjamin-Kanarek-03-620x778

Source: Designscene

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