A Perogi? What The Hell Is That?!

I don’t know much about food, but I can tell you what I like to eat. Seafood, mediterranean food, comfort food, soul food and lots of cooked veggies but nothing could have prepared me for this….

It’s been four days, in Leon, Nicaragua volunteering at a new restaurant that hasn’t been open for a full year. We work into the wee hours of the day and night training and learning everything we need to know for the next month or so.

I’m behind the counter, (completely out of my element) and Kim is on the floor assisting others. In walks a couple. I’m dreading to take the order because I know little about the menu and hoping they’ll order something simple without asking a lot of questions.
“Hi, how are you?” I say. I tell them to find a table, get comfortable, come back, and take a look at the menu. They stay.
“What’s the pierogi?” Damn. They had to ask me about the most complicated dish on the menu I couldn’t even begin to describe.
“Ahhhh the pierogi?” So I start making up my own recipe.
“It’s like a plate of meat served on a bed of rice. I think. Umm– No, It’s kiiinda like meat..and rice.. blended all together.”
I look over to my right and see the owner (who’s Sri Lankin) watching and listening to my every move. Puzzled and looking confused as to how I explained the Pierogis (that she and her mother plus boyfriend worked so hard on to make from scratch) rushes over and tells the couple exactly what a Pierogi is.
Damn. Why couldn’t they just ask me about the house salad and samosas? They would have made me look fantastic explaining that ish!IMG_3786IMG_4463

So what is a pierogi? Here’s my definition: A pierogi is a Polish dish. It’s a steamed dumpling (similar to pot stickers) that’s pan fried. Each dumpling is delicately wrapped in flavors of carrots, mushrooms, bacon or cheese and served individually on a full plate with fancy shredded seasoned cabbage. Now.. again this is my version of a pierogi but if you want the full details, and the history of the pierogi go here to find out exactly what it is if you ever decide to order one.imbir-restaurant

It was kind of interesting for me to learn a whole new, different menu that has nothing to do with Nicaraguan food– that was quite rather tasty. Not only does the list consist of just pierogis you’ll also find a lot more good eats on the menu like samosas, curry dishes, and salads. And where is all this?! Imbir.