I Found This For MY Hair In Central America

Since I have been traveling out the country, it has been hard to find the best hair products for my hair. My hair has been extremely parched, and brittle from the heat that certain products just won’t work for my hair.
You see–I am a professional hair stylist that has decided to wear my hair in its natural state for this journey. I know exactly WHAT I want and NEED for my hair texture–Something that is gonna tame it. Condition it. Moisturize it. Moreover, allow me to manage my tight kinky and dry hair!
When I’m home, I know where to go and what to get. However, I am not. I am in another country running around from store to store asking about hair shops and so on. So by having the law of attraction on my side, I got lucky in Panama and found one of my favorite hair product lines: Creme Of Nature With Argan Oil!
I was so excited to see my shampoos, conditioners and my Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Creme I almost had a heart attack!  And MY hair loves me for it!