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Zayn Malik Is Paper Sex Symbol This Month

Bringing “Sexy” back Zayn Malik is featured in this months Paper “Sexy” Issue. 

Digital Tech: Michael Preman

Photo Assistants: Evgeny Popov, Geordy Pearson, Jackson Adair

Groomer: Shannon Pezzetta

Assistant Groomer: Jesica Southard

tumblr_o92ye2kxMh1qbvkmso8_540 tumblr_o92ye2kxMh1qbvkmso9_540 tumblr_o92ye2kxMh1qbvkmso5_540 tumblr_o92ye2kxMh1qbvkmso4_540 tumblr_o92ye2kxMh1qbvkmso1_1280tumblr_o92ye2kxMh1qbvkmso3_540

source: paper mag

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