Traveling to Granada from Leon


Granada was one of the cities we had to explore. I thought our ride there would be challenging, but it turned out to be quite easy and cheap. All under $10.00 for the two of us. Can you believe that? We caught a cab from the hostal for only 20 Cordobas each ( $1.70 US dollars each) to the bus terminal to take a bus (from the terminal) to the city of Managua that cost 25 Cordoba each ($2.00 total). From Managua, we took the express shuttle that only cost 54 C each ($2.10 total) from there to Granada was 54C ($4.00 total). The ride was about 3 hours long and well worth it!

Ok… *sigh* now that I got all that out-of-the-way I can tell you about this lovely town:)

Granada is a place full of history! It’s one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. Full of rich colonial heritage, architecture, colonial style buildings, good food, and horse-drawn carriages. Before we arrived, we looked into a few hostals (to stay in our budget), but we saw this cute sign outside that had rooms for $25 a night. I couldn’t believe the price, so (us) being a little curious we walked in and asked if we could take a look at the rooms. In less than 5 minutes the room was booked! Yup. Two nights at Glifoos hotel! This place has so much charm, clean, extremely spacious, Spanish tile, high arched ceilings with glazed bamboo sticks and a huge bathroom!

The town prices are pretty cheap and reasonable here (FYI I got a pedicure for ONLY $9 at the Hotel Mansion de Chocolate). There’s a main strip close by the center park with tons of food and bar options. One place I fell in love with was Cafe de las Sonrisas! The cafe is run and directed entirely by people with hearing disabilities (locals serving a great cause), and your only way of communicating is using sign language. The visit and the experience was well worth it. Nectar had the best tacos in town for a $1 (for lunch) and dinner was the best at Cafe de Arte! Fried Sea Bass. Also in the city, you will find many art galleries and plenty of museums filled with the old history of Granada.


cafe 2


There’s so much to see and learn here that 2 days just wasn’t enough. But we saw what we could in the short amount of time. One thing I would highly recommend when visiting Granada is to do the horse-drawn carriage tour. You’ll get a chance to ride in town (it’s only $5 per person) with your own personal guide (ours was the best) to take you on a 25 or 35-minute tour of the city. On the tour you’ll learn about the war, old homes (built before the 1600’s), a wealthy family who only marries one other wealthy family (no outsiders are welcomed) and how the city became the most famous (and important) city of Nicaragua. One thing that stood out to me is that all of the buildings have to stay authentic. No one is allowed to redesign or change the original structures of the homes or buildings in the central city of Granada