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Our Love Jones: Nia Long & Uptown Magazine

Nia Long. A woman who we admire. She’s our best friend (in our head). She gives us style and grace. For men, or those who embrace the masculine, Long has always been the kind of girl or woman you can confidently take home to momma. She is the poster girl for indisputable beauty: sun kissed, luminous brown skin and warm eyes with deep pools of a knowing sensuality. She’s the girlfriend who takes no mess, but still manages to be sweet, relatable and sexy. She’s the wife you know will hold you down without fail.


UPTOWN_aprmay_nia_long1“I’m a woman over 40, so thank God I’m working,” says Long, 45. “I’m not trying to be an ingénue anymore. I wouldn’t want those opportunities because then that would just mean that I haven’t grown.”

UPTOWN_aprmay_2016_cover tumblr_o6f7coNRxE1ri799do6_500“I think the whole point as an artist is that you want your work, in some sort of way, to reflect how you’ve evolved as a person and as a woman. The more you work, the smarter you are,”

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