Kelly Rowland Is Making Her Own Lemonade

Don’t ask Kelly about Beyoncé because she’s making her own Lemonade. Ms. Rowland has been quite busy lately pursuing her dreams and other things that she’s looking forward to in her future. Kelly has a new docu-series with BET called “Chasing Destiny” where she mentors a girl group in the vein of DC. She’s making new music, writing a book and producing her very own makeup line.

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“You should always be humble because anything can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye, so you appreciate thing while they’re coming and when they’re there. When theyre gone, you have another cycle and come back again and you appreciate the whole process.”tumblr_o6f02nNm5E1sz5f6xo2_500 tumblr_o6f02nNm5E1sz5f6xo6_500

“I wish there were more cameras around when Destiny’s Child was coming up. It was such an interesting time for us, being teens and growing up in the limelight. I wish we would have done a documentary.”

tumblr_o6f02nNm5E1sz5f6xo7_500 tumblr_o6f02nNm5E1sz5f6xo3_500 “My solo song “Dirty Laundry,” a woman came up to me and held my hand and she had tears filling her eyes and she said, “I left. I left because I heard this song. I left.” She squeezed my hand so tight and I remember feeling like, “This is what music is for.” It was awesome.”tumblr_o6f02nNm5E1sz5f6xo8_500 tumblr_o6f02nNm5E1sz5f6xo4_500 “Besides the new show definitely music, I’m putting together a makeup line with my makeup artist, I’m writing a book. I’m really excited. The sky’s the limit. I feel like we’re able to do whatever we wanna do these days and you need to just have fun while you do it.”tumblr_o6f02nNm5E1sz5f6xo9_500

Source: Galore Magazine