Where Do You Find Healthy Food In Costa Rica?

Okay, so, do you remember when I said that CR doesn’t have many options for vegan or vegetarian restaurants? It’s true. I know that it can be tough when looking for something that you crave or hoping you stumble across one. We have been there too–walking, asking, searching online, so we understand. It’s not like L.A. But I do have good news for those traveling to Costa Rica, and it’s located in La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

The first place is La Central Natural Restaurant. I can affirm this because Kim and I have been volunteering here for two and half months. The concept of this restaurant started when owner Asdrubal Villegas became a diabetic. His older brother convinced him to change his eating habits by cutting out meat and eating more fruits and veggies; once he did, he became healthier and needed no more insulin shots. The family believed in the lifestyle so much that they wanted to share this new way of eating with everyone. So, they opened La Central Natural Restaurant.IMG_3478

The restaurant opened in December 2015. It has been growing since, becoming the only restaurant in town that offers the best vegetarian food in La Fortuna. There are $3 breakfast specials that change every day and $4 fresh homemade omelets (prepared and cooked by Kim), along with plenty more. My favorite is the coconut pancake made with coconut milk with fresh grated coconut. I think I’ve convinced everyone to try it. Kim’s favorite is the Tipico Costarricense. Yep, the good local stuff. They have quite a few delicious food choices as well as meat options for those who can’t completely get on board without meat. You can have a La Central burger, pork chops, or tilapia. The food is always made fresh (when ordering) and served with healthy vegetables.



The next place I can recommend is Organico Fortuna. We found this cute little spot while taking a walk around the neighborhood located in downtown La Fortuna, Costa Rica. It reminded us of a few places back home that sell healthy organic food with vegan options too.IMG_3582 You want a “green smoothie”? Stop here. Looking for “kale”? Yup, it’s here. IMG_3604Wait—you said what about desserts? And ice cream? YES! And it’s not just any old ice cream! It’s vegan ice cream, made with coconut and almond milk 🙂  So for all my health-conscious travelers, now you know where to go. Puravida!