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Try Meena’s New Wardrobe For This Spring!

Meeena has released their SS16 collection lookbook and it is called ‘Ochiagha’. The collection was first debuted at LFDW 2015 and it was one of the best shows of the season.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lakin Ogunbanwo
ART DIRECTION: Lakin Ogunbanwo & Uju Offiah
MODEL : Aduke of Beth model
MAKE UP: Stella
HAIR: Bernard

tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo7_250 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo10_250 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo5_500 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo9_250 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo6_250 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo3_250 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo8_250 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo2_500 tumblr_o3vj2q5uFk1qf8mfdo1_500

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