Getting Sick From Panama To Costa Rica

Sorry to keep you hanging. I’ve been away due to sickness. I don’t know what caused me to feel sluggish, weak, having a slight fever and constantly going to the bathroom. But what I do know is that it started three days before leaving Panama.

Was it the food? Was it the water I drank? The pasta I had that night? The wine? But the truth is– I honestly didn’t know what was making me feel miserable. I had a fever. The chills. Stomach cramps. And the worse…diarrhea! Not a good feeling when your away from home. However, I do remember us taking a natural herb called Moringa a few days before leaving. We were told it would help with joint pain, reduce inflammation, provide natural energy, get rid of toxins and cleanse you. So we brought the bag. We started out taking one pill a day and not the recommended dose of 6x’s a day. All was well until the third day… I got sick.

As soon we arrived in San José, Costa Rica after an 8-hour bus ride from David, Panama we got a hotel and I was laid out. No appetite. No energy. Just stomach cramps. The Moringa wasn’t helping. In fact– I hated how it made me use the bathroom every 5 to 10 minutes. I Woke up the next day (feeling the same) to take another 4-hour bus ride to La Fortuna, Costa Rica(Thank God for Immodium). After a couple of days I stopped taking the herbs, and I started to feel a little better. But once I started to recover Kim became sick. Can you believe that ish? The sickness became too much for her— having cold sweats, fever, and stomach cramps we eventually had to see a doctor. We were informed that Kim had a tropical virus due to the weather change, that many travelers tend to get. Hmmm. Me? I kept having excruciating leg pain every night and needed some relief. We got our meds went back to the apartment to chill and recover, but Kim still wasn’t feeling too great, so she went to the hospital to get a second opinion.

The doctor detected she didn’t a have a virus, but she was dehydrated. The problem? Believe it or not –it was the Moringa. Not realizing that this natural herb that’s designed for healing the body was making us sick. So we did a little more research and read that some people have experienced the same side effects that we did. Night sweats. Cramps. Fevers. Chills.  It’s due to the toxins that are being eliminated from your body. So in my case—I wasn’t feeling it. It isn’t a great feeling (especially being away in another country) to feel broken down, queasy and unwell. It may work for some but I feel when traveling it’s not a splendid idea to try things that you’re unsure of how your body will react.
In the meantime, Kim and I have been eating a vegetarian diet, resting and volunteering at Hotel Central Loft providing customer service and making new travel friends along the way.

My Breakfast: Coconut Pancakes with maple syrup and fruits
The Volcano Straight Ahead
The Breakfast Menu! Delish!!
Me having my morning coffee