Nubian Lingerie

Ade Hassan the founder of a nude lingerie line for black women has been named fashion entrepreneur of the year at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2015.tumblr_nynqewtyAr1uqn8s6o3_500-1“Having undergarments that are flattering to your skin tone is very important, and as women, we love to feel sexy and confident through our clothing”-Ade Hassan

tumblr_nynqewtyAr1uqn8s6o7_500-1“Lingerie is the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe. Being able to have something that matches your skin tone helps you express yourself, and it makes you feel more comfortable in your skin – which is something that every woman should be able to feel…”-Ade Hassantumblr_nynqewtyAr1uqn8s6o9_500

Nubian Skin is a UK-born company and first of its kind, created from Ade’s frustration with the lingerie industry as she worked in finance. “In the corporate world, you wear lots of blouses and skirts – not being able to find my tights (hosiery) was really annoying.”-Ade Hassantumblr_nynqewtyAr1uqn8s6o6_500

“The different communities of color, whether it’s the black community, the Asian community, the Latino community, they blogged, tweeted, reposted and it just went viral. It was unbelievable, and I think that’s what made a lot of other publications realize we were around. So, I’m just so grateful to every single person who basically got us on the map just by spreading the word on social media. … It was unreal.”-Ade Hassantumblr_nynqewtyAr1uqn8s6o2_500