Mary Mary Blessings And Tresses

Mary Mary is the most sought out female gospel group in this day and time. Here the duo had a chance express a few things to Sophisticate’s (some things that I was shocked to learn about) on keeping it real, wearing wigs, and being only human.  For those of you who are true Mary Mary fans I think you will love to learn how these two manage to stay fly while just being Erica And Tina.


On singing..

Tina: Erica going off and doing her solo career was something I was very proud of, but it was a bit challenging.

Erica: I think [my solo] music is very relatable, as has been Mary Mary’s music, but musically there’s banjos, ukuleles, drums, bass, some electronic—it’s really diverse.

Tina: Erica has always wanted to sing; it was probably her dream more than it was mine.

On Hair..

Erica: I switch [it up]. Sometimes I wear the Mary Mary hair, which is my little blonde, asymmetrical look, then sometimes I wear my own hair, part it down in the middle and just wear it long. I love changing up my look; I love the diversity of changing a hairstyle, adding color and doing different things.

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Tina: It is not so thought out! Erica is the beauty queen of the family; I was the tomboy growing up. It’s funny how [on the show] I have these ever changing hairdos, but really it was whatever I felt and whatever was convenient.

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On Changing Up Their Look..

Erica: Sometimes it’s just my hair, sometimes it’s extensions, but I think wigs allow me a little more freedom because I can just flip it up. If I’m exercising and I just want to wear my hair in a ponytail, then I can take [the wig] off. It should look like Natural hair; when it doesn’t look natural I’m not a fan. It should look like an extension of you.

Tina: I like enhancements but I also like my Natural hair. My Natural hair is beautiful and full. I’m a celebrity who doesn’t like to become more of a celebrity than a person. I don’t like to be so done and so enhanced that I lose my beauty without all of that. Wigs have been my go-to lately, especially when I have younger children and I’m managing that hectic space.

On Their Go-To-Style…

Erica: Go with the flow! Especially being from L.A. we’re all about free-flowing, bouncy hair.

Tina: My go-to-style is whatever is easy. I can rock the heck out of some really fancy ponytail or I can style braids, but when it comes to hair it’s not my gift. Erica was a hairstylist before Mary Mary and she doesn’t always want to be bothered with me. For photo shoots and videos I like the long, straight, glamourous look.

On Hair Color…

Erica: I’m always a fan of my dark hair, but the blonde has served me well, too. Sometimes I’ll add a little blonde to get the best of both worlds, but I’m a brunette at heart.
Tina: My wigs are custom made and they are variations of blonde and variations of red and coppers.

Erica & Tina’s Advice For Hair…

Erica: Condition, condition, condition! Don’t feel comfortable just because you have a weave—take it out, condition, moisturize and take care of your scalp.

Tina: Moisture and sheen always makes everything better. So moisture and sheen—it’s absolutely imperative, it’s necessary and it makes everything better.

I couldn’t agree more!!