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This Young Albino Beauty Is Taking Over Magazine Covers!

Arta is so happy to highlight this young princess that’s making her way in the modeling world due to her God-given natural beauty: Ava Clarke Edney.

Ava Clarke is an African-American, blue-eyed, naturally little blonde girl, who was born with Albinism. This young talented 7-year old model has been photographed by celebrity(and traveled with also) photographers Lance Gross, Will Sterling and others.

She has appeared on the covers of BOOM Magazine, VIP Magazine and Denim Magazine. Not only has she been a favorite target in front of the lens but she has also hit the runway for several clothing designers and stylists working it in the fashion world. Ava’s natural beauty and unique features allow directors to cast her in versatile roles. Can we say this is our future?! I’m so looking forward to her being the “Next” one to tell her story while making a brand for herself.


tumblr_n2zf9hWuMe1qmk8l2o1_500cba627_03fbe5bb82b9463187d499efada90552 tumblr_n2zf9hWuMe1qmk8l2o2_500 tumblr_n2zf9hWuMe1qmk8l2o3_500 tumblr_n2zf9hWuMe1qmk8l2o4_500

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