Getting The Perfect Eyebrow Arch

I’m obsessed with my eyebrows!

I have to make sure there in the right place at all times.

I don’t like waxing because it rips my skin — and my skin is very sensitive.

I’ve tried the threading, although it’s amazing! — I can’t stand the constant rubbing back and forth that feels more like a rug burn.

So –I tend to stick with what works for me. A razor.

I have been using the method since the early 90’s.

I like the razor because I have control over my arch. My arch is clean and precise. I can fill my brows in the way that I like and at the end of the day… I’m satisfied.

  • I like to use a straight razor for my brows

  • I use a kohl black pencil for a filler

  • I use a concealor brush to highlight my brows

  • I use a soft eyeshadow palette (Audacity In Paris by Lancome) for a nice finish