Kurt Cobain Unseen

Kurt Cobain will forever be remembered. I’ve had this book for quite sometime and wanted to share some images about this phenomenal human being. I remember Nirvana back in my high school days in the 90’s when it was all about grunge dressings and punk rock looks. I never knew how much of an impact he would have on artists till later in my adult years. I was able to understand him a little more when I read this book. But anyway– please take a look inside his life with some of the images I shot to show you.



IMG_2461a IMG_2453i IMG_2454h IMG_2462b IMG_2463c IMG_2467f IMG_2465d IMG_2466e

IMG_2447 IMG_2449 IMG_2452 IMG_2453IMG_2455g

If you haven’t purchased this book, I highly recommend you do.