Who's that DUDE?!

Two Hot Boyz Modeling

These two handsome fellas are doing their thing in modeling world– flexing and smiling while getting paid for the cameras. Check out these fly boyz on the rise! 


MEET:  SHINN50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY21

Represented by IMG Models

50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY21 50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY20 50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY19

MEET: JOURDAN COPELAND50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY26

Represented By AMCK

50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY26 50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY25 50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY24 50-Boys-of-Summer-2015_PART2_FY23

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