What In The World Is Ciara Wearing On Shape Magazine?!

Pop star Ciara graces the cover of Shape magazine this month looking sexier than ever! I recently had a client come up to me to say how much she loved Ciara’s lipstick on the cover of shape but couldn’t remember what color she was wearing by Lancôme Cosmetics. So I decided to do some research to make it easier for others who are wondering the same thing.

So  here’s the tea….

By the way Lancôme has the best cosmetics available for every skin type! 🙂


“The difference between being good and grew is the effort you put in. You can’t just wake up and be a winner.” -Ciara


Makeup: To get Ciara’s gorgeous look, try the following products by Lancôme Cosmetics.

Miracle Cushion in Bisque 124262957_1

Grandiôse Mascara in Noir 7232f542-bf3b-4a2b-9676-900d15ab31e2_resize

Sourcils Tint in Brun5bb1d86c1756076ad6f73477fd78ba62

Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Bronze Amourbeauty_lancome_color_design_5_shadow_and_liner_palette_in_bronze_amour

L’Absolu Rouge Lip Color In Coquette3605975039009_COQUETTE_LABSOLUROUGE

Photography by James Macari  Styling by Audrey Slater  Hair by Cesar Ramirez  Makeup by Yolonda Frederick-Thompson