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The “IN” Crowd

Who knows about that 90’s hip hop?!  It was the era of my life! The trend that changed the music and style industry. It was all about headphones, flat tops, big earrings, biking shorts (hahahaha), thick gold rope necklaces, and so much more. I sure do miss the 90’s. Well we have a new film taking us back in time on June 19th. ..
Meet Zoë Kravitz, Kiersey Clemons, and Chanel Iman. The three beautiful women will be starring in the Sundance darling Dope, which centers around a group of modern-day high school students in Inglewood, Ca obsessed with 1990’s hip-hop.

Photography by Chad Pitman   Styled by Anna Schiffel


Zoë plays Nakia, a lost soul with a seductive quietness studying for her GED “Well, it was a passion project, and it shows that sometimes following your passions just works out.” -Zoe Kravitz


Kiersey Clemmons (Left) DIggy played by Kiersy Clemons , is a young queer drummer. “Our costume designer, Patrik, knows when he puts something one me, he’s never getting it back.” -Keirsy Clemmons




Chanel Iman(Left) plays Lily. An unhinged sexpot who spends most of her time onscreen being either high or naked and sometimes both.   ” Most people wouldn’t have taken this role because to the nudity, but I’ve done so many shoots topless…I look at it as art.”- Chanel Iman


Source InStyle

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