The Cleaner

I remember being in a corporate store meeting one afternoon to talk about a few important things that all employees and managers needed to know. Inside this meeting was the store owner who owned this high profiled national and international store for about five years with her other peers surrounding her. As we gathered around the table things were discussed and pointed out to keep everyone up to date on safety ,the newest and latest things. During this meeting, only one thing stood out to me. The store manager didn’t know her employee’s name (a woman) who has been in charge of cleaning the whole store for 25 years.

Store Manager: “Wow– she’s been here for at least 25 years, and I still don’t know her name.” Then chuckles.

To me, that was a blow. How could you not know an employee who has been so loyal to your company for over 25 years? Who makes your store look pristine for all customers who are patronizing your business and working day/night to meet state board cleanliness?

WE ALL have started from the bottom. We all have cleaned up someone’s mess, serving others, assisting someone, getting an internship with no pay, running errands just to make it to the top.

Once you’re at the “top” never forget those at the bottom. They are the individuals just like “the cleaners” making things look pristine to serve you, their families, and working as diligently to get to the next level.

25 years to me means Loyalty. And you deserve to know their name.