Lion Babe Is Making Music Roar Louder Than Yours

Have you heard of Lion Babe? If not you need to know them.

Lion Babe is a hot new dynamic duo on the rise! The group consists of singer-songwriter Jillian Hervey(daughter of the first black Miss America: Vanessa L. Williams) and DJ/Producer Lucas Goodman.

I was introduced to this twosome a few months ago through my client Jeanene Foxx; when I heard the duo –I instantly fell in love with their eclectic sound. The beats are thumping, groovy, hip and sensual— reminding me a little bit of Erykah Badu, Kelis with a sprinkle of D’Angelo and Prince. Together they are creating a unique sound making them the king and queen of the concrete jungle.

LION-BABE  “We’re definitely a melting pot of our tastes, influences, and environments,” Lucas says of their fresh, soul-infused style.

lion babe

lionbabe-600 Childish Gambino and Pharrell are a couple of the noteworthy names featured on their forthcoming debut album. “He was a mentor to both of us,” Jillian shares about the hat man himself. “He added his classic flavor but believed in what we are doing, so he didn’t want to tamper with it.”