A New Street Wear “Creation” Is Poppin Off In The UK

There’s some kinda “Creation” going on in the UK Streetwear scene and Arta Chic is here to let you in on who’s doing it, what’s going on and where it’s coming from.

Creation is the new t-shirt label from two respected veterans of the UK Streetwear scene, Emmet Keane and Paul Sid. Creation’s founders, Emmet Keane and Paul Sid take ideas and inspiration from popular culture, borrow music and magic from religions, steal the sounds and soul of the world’s subcultures, and make something new.

Creation is classic and timeless, simple ideas with strong images, they feel like they’ve been around forever. Each Creation T-shirt stands alone, but together, they’re an army or an angry mob. It depends which side of the frontline you’re standing on. Creation is about good T-shirts, cut up lines and fantastic reggae nights. Reggae music and sound system culture is a massive part of the foundations of Creation.

Here’s a look at the duo’s latest spring / summer look book that features some of their new designs.

Photography by Matt Smith (Union Approved) and Phil Smith
Model: Matty Adams
Stylist: Creation



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Twitter: @creation_brand
Instagram: @creationrebel_