Something From The Heart With Sole

With her vintage tees and handcrafted sustainable shoes, Aurora James is making a difference, one step at a time.


Ms.James has taken car tires, padlocks, and cracked sea shells to mold into something else that would make a difference in a life today.

She’s the founder of Brother Vellies that makes traditional African footwear, while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs within Africa. The company has enlisted South African, Kenyan, and Moroccan artisans that take undesirable waste to create it into something useful and beautiful.


“Many young Africans wouldn’t wear traditional vellie boots—they wanted to dress like Kayne West” explains the Toronto-born Brooklynite,who started the label in 2013 with the aim of keeping the vellie shoe-making crate alive. Brother Vellies1 “But now that we’ve had press, they’re wearing them again!” herbert-schier-vellies-shoes-by-Jason-Eric-Hardwick-13

In James words: “You empower someone every time you hand over a dollar.”

Source: Teen Vogue