Taraji’s Sweet Hair Tips

I have to say—I love being a hairstylist! I get the opportunity to work with most beautiful people in the entertainment industry- adding my personal creative touch in editorial, television, and taking care of my lovely clients in the salon.

Today I decided to highlight actress Taraji P. Henson sharing her point of view on hair care. Here Taraji gives her most valuable hair advice along with her favorite products she prefers to use. By the way— I worked with Taraji on a photo shoot years ago–and can vouch that her hair is real, healthy and beautiful. Also, she is the sweetest person ever! We all know that she is forever changing her hair and can rock just about any style.

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Taraji on WEAVE WEAR: “Don’t ignore your hair underneath the weave; don’t put [a weave] in and think that that’s going to be your hair, because it has to come own at some point. Just keep your scalp clean.”

Me: I agree. I always tell my clients to not extend a weave more than 2 months. 3 months is max. When wearing a weave sea breeze is the best thing ever. It cleanses and refreshes the scalp. After you come out [of a weave] it’s mandatory to deep condition your hair.

Taraji on MAIN MAINTENANCE: “Whether you have a weave in [or not], wrap your hair at night; take care of your hair.

Me: It is imperative to take care of your hair. I recommend wrapping [straight/pressed hair] for sleekness. For natural hair you can twist [double strand] hair for texture. One of my favorites is to toss-up tousled hair up in a high ponytail [after hair has been curled] to maintain body and bounce(using a soft cloth rubber band).

Taraji PRODUCT PICKS: “I love Aveda products. I use Kim Kimble products; L’Oreal for hairspray that [gives] movement. Redken makes a good, movable hairspray”.

Me: All of those products are great. To be honest– I haven’t tried Kim Kimble products but I can vouch for the rest. My all time favorite hair spray for movement is Rusk Deepshine Spray with Argan Oil. I love this because there’s no build up, it adds shine and actually conditions the hair.Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.11.28 PM

Hairy by Tara Copeland on a photo shoot with Taraji. P Henson


Source: Sophisticate’s Hair

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