Food Truck Face Off: Black Sheep

Who’s the Black Sheep, What’s the Black Sheep?
Know not who I am, or when I’m coming, so you sleep.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… those lyrics—So POWERFUL.

There’s something new brewing on the Food Network called The Food Truck Face-Off!  Food Truck Face-Off challenges two teams against one another to win their own customized food truck.

Each of the four teams will present their unique concepts to an expert panel of judges, but only two teams will be chosen to face off in a truck-on-truck showdown. The team that makes the most money over the two day course filled with intense work emerges with victory.

Well–well–well … I personally know two of the contestants that made it on the show: Kimberly Sinclair and Derrius Dullin. These two have been working together for quite some time in the food industry going by the name The Black Sheep. So you ask: What’s The Black Sheep? Who’s The Black Sheep? Where’s The Black Sheep? All I can say is tune in to the Food Network Chanel this coming Thursday October 30 8|7c to watch these two cook up meals, go round for round while you learn what their food concept is all about.

Will they make it? Can they survive the pressure of Hollywood? Let’s all find out.

photo A Teaser……


Looks Good!