Trending Hair

Wanna know what’s trending in hair?! Here are my top four that are making headlines:

Trending Hair: Natural hair. Natural is a big deal now than it was 10 years ago. You see more and more women cutting out relaxers and going back to the beginning stages of what they were born with. Big. Kinky. Curly. Textured hair.

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Trending Extensions: Wigs. Next to having a full weave— wigs are very much in right now. It allows the freedom of a quick ,easy fix that’s still stylish and chic.

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Trending Cuts:  Pixie cuts and Bobs. More and more women are doing the big chop! Bobs will always be number one for women who want change but not ready to go the extra mile with the pixie cut.


Trending Color:  Warm highlights, solid dark colors and Violets /Grays.


What’s hot for you this season? I wanna know!

Tara Copeland. Instagram me:  Misscopeland310  Tara'sWork.0012222