A New Soleful Oxford Shoe

You’ll want to wear these for this fall.

Tory Noll creates a new soleful design using colorful North African textiles. 201409-omag-sole-sister-1-949x534 “When I got back to New York, people stopped me on the street—’Where did you get those?!'” says Noll, 29. ”

TENandCo SS2014 Lookbook small 7 “The textiles are my secret sauce,” Noll says. “I’ll never reveal my sources. It takes the artisans several weeks to finish a single rug— enough fabric for about 40 pairs of shoes.”
Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.14.23 AM  A collection of Noll’s oxfords, made from handwoven, vegetable-dyed Moroccan textiles. tenco1-1

Source: O Magazine