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Guayusa: A super herb from the Amazon. (pronounced Gwy-Yoo-Suh)

Gunpowder will make it clear. They will offer you the best brewed, organic, healthy tea made by hand with love. Opened in March, the cafe completely redefines the idea of a tea shop: It stays open until midnight, and the menu sways far from Earl Grey fare.gnpwdr-23

Gunpowder features a “super herb” from the Amazon called guayusa, which is roasted with dandelion, chicory, and cacao, then combined with agave and coconut milk to create the Gunshot Latte. 02_2014_GUNPOWDER-37The hipster space has a rebellious vibe that offers indoor skateboard racks and Adirondack chairs.  Located in Venice Beach, Ca. gnpwdr-2Inside scoop: Tea shop Gunpowder is just two blocks from the beach.


Source: Sunset


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