A Few Secrets About The Wiz (Khalifa)

I betcha didn’t know these things about Wiz —Khalifa! Or maybe you did… but for those who are curious about his life, his style and what he likes to do in his spare time here’s the scoop. 


1. He’s 6-foot-2

2. He loves apple juice. A lot.

3. He only smokes “KK” (Khalifa Kush).

4. He’s right handed but can do things with his left hand.

5. He takes his left shoe off when he’s in the zone while recording in the studio.

6. He’s afraid of spiders.

7. He loves to read

8. He’s constantly looking in the mirror.screen-shot-2014-02-14-at-10-13-35-am

9. He loves to custom distress his clothes.

10. He prefers earbuds than headphones

11. He drinks a lot of coffee.

12. He lights candles and incense in the studio when he’s recording.

13. He has to have breakfast to start the day.

14. Never eats pork.

15. He’s very in touch with his sixth sense.Wiz-Khalifa-Instagram-600x600

16. He has to use the bathroom before going on stage.

17. Wiz is a technology geek and has to have every new electronic device.

18. He needs music to wake up.

19. He doesn’t like sweets and he plays pool very well.

20. As a kid he had to have his ears rubbed to fall asleep.

21. He prefers to have people around him rather than to be alone.

22. He’s a really goofy skateboarder.

23. His new album Blacc Hollywood is out August 19th! wiz-khalifa-blacc-hollywood-deluxe

Source: US Weekly