Some Women Like To Be “Tied” Down

Ties and Bow ties. Not tied to tradition the bow tie has made its comeback, while the tie has will and always be in style. Bow ties have once again become cool. As more men see other men do it, other men want to try it to. hotHowever, not to be undone and of course never to jump off a bridge because others are, a woman’s adventure of tying in menswear essential wardrobe pieces to accentuate her beauty and attitude, have been playing out since the early forties. 6f823a0c0ad8f348_Lanvin-Red-Bow-Tie.xxxlarge_0Remember screen sirens, Marlene Dietrich or Kathryn Hepburn? How about daredevil, Amelia Earhart, whose adventurous appeal and style selection, roared its way back to the twenties? madonna.blog_.hr_ nvoyza-670x1024Amelia-Earhart-2  It is not about the decision to finally add ties or bow ties to your wardrobe. It is the choice of which one… bow-tie-womenhouse-of-ola-bow-tie

The question being: the cream silk, the deep turquoise velvet or paisley print?SB1122_md_BNTCS0543_md_CNTpaisley-tie-lt-blue

563054_3908468669564_1067680003_nby Inga Grimmett