Who Is Natalia Kills?

Who is she? Well– for starters—this young beautiful lady was born and raised in Bradford England, living with her Jamaican father and Uruguayan mother in an industrial town. And her real name is Natalia Cappuccini.

Natalia Kills seems to be living the dream. At 27, she’s a full-time singer with two successful albums under belt (Perfectionist and Trouble). She has over 70,000 followers on her personal instagram page and has managed to stay on the best-dressed list too. Just recently she tied the knot with fellow musician Willy Moon in New York. Here she has a few things she shared with Nylon about her life and new music. 

ab2ece64b7ec7e5f2ff46ade48a351a6 “When I was really young, my parents were crazy rich, but but the time I was 12, the cops had taken everything. My father was in jail and we were broke…I kept telling myself ‘I’m gonna be fine, ‘even when I did’nt believe it.”b86a97c58188683face60573397bd229 “I look like a black and gold marabou sex doll from an amateur school girl dominatrix fetish film. I like anyone who wears a lot of black and refuses to smile for cameras…genius!”eba77f232fe574b2dd8857ace5685679 “I have this huge opportunity to say anything to the world and be a better brighter version of myself. And what do I do? Sing about my worst moments and everything that’s ever gone irreversibly, horrifyingly wrong.”ab02adf3213e55329710d2d91c69ab37 “You know when something bad happens to you, everyone tells you, ‘Time will heal…don’t worry, you’ll get over it? Well, I realized that’s bullshit. My album is basically a melodic documentary.”8d931f48773fe25dcbbe552819a26f05“Trouble is the shit…it’s so wild and beautiful! I love that record more than anything in the world!”  


A Few Facts About Natalia Kills

  • She left home at 15, spent a few years acting in London
  • Brought a one-way ticket from London to Hollywood
  • She used to listen to Marilyn Manson, Garbage, Eminem and Hole.
  • She’s obnoxiously consistent and predictable same-ish