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Kanye West : The Fashion King!

It’s not about “what you wear” but “how your wear it”. Kanye West shows us how it’s done his way with quality, confidence and Yeezus style.  

10520117_1440694809528846_409206743_n 10534919_583394555115230_371358681_n 55605e82cc5bc51c984a971d4b8b8fb6 92931d8d8b803250e03fa9e0e1691d03 69a281b04559a9f5a9a1d9c38493edcd 558aebed5554576582c38c5bdb4abe8b716adb377b6d4d18c39312e6d03c7848e169481e2b5e530d45ef57c0002ed59fcdeb29fb625e08474e30b398677d6262

Images: GQ

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