Rita Ora The Fashion Muse Talks About Sex, Clothes And Jay-Z

Rita Ora has a few things to say about what’s really going on in her world!

Photography by Ben Rayner

Styled by Rachael Wang

For Nylon

photo” I didn’t know what I wanted to say or do—I just knew that I wanted to have songs that I could dance to.” 

photo 5 “You feel a presence as soon as you walk into a room with Jay, but it’s not a scary presence.” photo 1 “It’s just a powerful presence of, like, success. He puts you on the spot. You better know what you’re talking about when you’re around him, because he’s seen it all.” photo 2“This time around, my album is in a completely different place.”  photo “It’s a celebration of life and love and being happy and tailing about sex and talking about clothes and talking about appreciating people fully. I lived through the music. Everything I say is the truth” photo 4 “People know my name, but they don’t have substance to it.” photo

Source: NYLON Magazine