Matchbox Restaurant Ignited A Flame!

Matchbox restaurant—surely ignited a flame. I was looking for great food, great drinks, and good conversations over dinner but what I got was poor, inattentive, slow service while waiting on dinner in Palm Springs.
It started off with us being seated outdoors next to the misty sprinklers (due to 106 degrees) weather. We proceeded to overlook the menu but before ordering we asked our waitress about the special on Yelp that was being offered. The deal was if you checked in on Yelp you would receive a $15 bottle wine AKA house wine. After letting our server know, she came back and said that deal was no longer available but stated that she would try to work something else out for us.
After placing our order, she never came back to check on us at all. No follow up, she never revisited her comment/suggestion, or even ask if wanted anything else, etc. However, I did notice she was very entertaining to others in her assigned areas and engaging as well. The only time she came back was to deliver the bill and refill our water. So I politely thanked her for checking up on the bottle of wine (sarcastically) and if the deal wasn’t given it was very fraudulent and misleading. Not sure if the treatment was due to skin color? Or assuming that we were not worthy of her time? But in any hospitality service everyone should be treated equal and you should leave all pre-judgement at the door.
The funny thing is—about all of this— is that you never know who you are talking to and what someone can do for you. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IMPERATIVE. I for one work in the beauty business (and managing Arta Chic) my friend is the general manager in the restaurant business who has been featured on “The Food Network” for an upcoming show taking place this fall.
The fact is–the server avoided us, the Yelp ad was misleading, no one took responsibility, false advertisement, the server dismissed us, never followed up, blamed Yelp, didn’t honor what was displayed on Yelp(due to the misleading ad). You know what? I even made a call and spoke with the general manager to explain the situation. Guess what?! She apologized and mentioned that deal was offered last year! What?!?! Then Matchbox should have offered 10-bottles of wine!!

Oh—and if you’re wondering about the food? It was good. Not the server.