A “Spec”tacular Point Of View

Take these tips from Neil Blumenthal and David Gilboa Co-founders Warby Parker on how to select the right frames for your face.

For a ROUND FACE choose an angular frame eyeglasses-super-ciccio-1

For an ANGULAR FACE go for a rounder frame: 1000x500-1

“If you have an oval face, oblong frames tend to look best. With longer face shapes, you always want the glasses to fit so that you can see your eyebrows as well. Covering your brows with glasses will exaggerate the length of your face.” Neil Blumenthal 

A selfie will help determine whether the width of a frame is right for you. If it looks like it’s narrowing your face in the picture, then it’s too small.  If the sides of the lenses extend to your ears or beyond, then it’s too wide.” David Gilboa

When IN DOUBT rock aviators—they’re the most universally flattering style around  warby-parker-meridian-collection-04

Source: InStyle