The Perfect Remedy For Colored Skin

When I was in Kauai, Hawaii, I realized my skin was very sensitive to the sun. My dermatologist gave me a warning before leaving to protect my skin due to its delicate nature. I agreed and loaded up on massive sunscreen that was above 50; if they had any higher, I would have got that one too. IMG_1792I was ok for the first few days. Then, I took a boat 5 hour boat ride on the Na Pali Coast to Niihau to snorkel. After my snorkel and laying out in the sun (along with my cocktail enjoying the view), within a few hours, I had a heat rash. My skin was red, bumpy and itchy all over. I was disappointed because I thought I did everything to prevent my skin from being harmed. After doing a little more research on heat rashes, I found that it’s a common skin reaction. IMG_1821IMG_1839 In the meantime, while I was out shopping, I discovered this oil called Kukui oil. I must say that I was really pleased and impressed at how great this oil was on my skin! It helped soothed my skin and heat rash. When I got back, I remembered reading that Lupita uses a natural oil that she exclusively gets from Hawaii called Kukui. How ironic is that?! Now that I am back in LA, I still continue to use it, and I highly recommend anyone (especially women of color) to use this product. It’s great for all dry/sunburned skin, psoriasis, and